Operation Lifesaver Aka Mint Test (Madvillain)

Blow, you caught me off guard Tried to breathe out Then she made me cough hard Contact the god and let him know to slip two in Fine, how are you doing? Can I get you a drink? This one's a shoe-in Awkward situation that I'm on a mission to ruin Her big butt and smile was like camo Hit up the men' room, we need more ammo Watch your 3 o'clock, a new recruit That's her gin and Juicy Juice Use a stick of Juicy Fruit She just knew she was cute It's in her own best interest It's less stress Hit her with the "Do you need a mint test" It don't matter if she's slim or dressed to impress It won't rest, fella's don't fess Some of 'em just need to eat the whole thing of Crest It's been a long day It's just how the song say I hope she don't take this the wrong way You need a mint test