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Strange Ways (Madvillain)

Wreak havoc Beep beep it's mad traffic Sleek and lavish People speak and leak it to the maverick He sees it as just another felony drug arrest Any day could be the one, you pick The wrong thug to test Slug through the vest Shot in the street for pulling heat On a father who's baby's gotta eat And when they get hungry it ain't shit funny Paid to interfere with how a brother get his money Now who's the real thugs, killers, and gangsters Set the revolution Let thangs bust, and thank us When the smoke clear, you can see the sky again There will be the chopped off heads of leviathan My friend, call 'em strangers Anybody who talk to 'em End up in some danger Can't reform 'em They pray four times a day, They pray five Who ways are strange when it's time to survive Some will go of their own free will to die Others take them with you when they blow sky high What's the difference? All you get is lost children While the bosses sit up behind a desk It cost billions to blast humans in half Into calves and arms Only one side is allowed to have bombs That's like making a soldier drop his weapon, Shooting him, and telling him to get to steppin' Obviously, they came to portion up his fortune Sounds to me like that old robbery extortion Same game You can't reform 'em.