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Personal Universe (Lost Soul)

Welcome to my hell Where I'm the universe Living in the midst of a simulated nonsense I distort your human image into likeness of me At the edge of madness Helming the ship to no one knows where Devouring the minds of the haunted I seal light from my soul With animal fury I fight in the name of the equilibrium Diving into chaos I choke of smell of earthly air Meditating in torment I can feel your cold The scent of nothingness ...can you hear me?! The burning heavens Bleed with your existence Lions deprived your kingdom Life is river A drop of water Fallen at the feet of waterfall I set sails Infused by the wind Like a woman's breast They drive my ship The souls shattered by the ship's side Glitter in sunshine Washed away by the wave Wander if infinite oceans The stars show me the way I orbit on the ocean's sheet I use salt water to wash my wounds The soul mixed with blood Roar in my chest My thunder eyes Burn the mast and sail To see yours blazing face Because I ' am the universe here Living in the midst of simulated nonsense I'