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The Birth Of Babalon (Lost Soul)

What is the tumult among the stars That have shone so still till now? What are the furrows of pain and wrath Upon the immortal brow? What is the beauty that flames so bright Athwart the awful dawn? She has taken flesh, she is come to judge The thrones ye rule upon Quail ye kings for an end is come In the birth of BABALON O popes and kings and the little gods Are sick and sad and wan To see the crimson star that bursts Like blood upon the dawn The gates shall fall and the irons break In the birth of BABALON Her mouth is red and her breasts are fair And her loins are full of fire And her lust is strong as a men is strong In the heat of her desire And her whoredom is holy as virtue is foul Beneath the holy sky And her kisses will wanton the world away In passion that shall not die