I Am A Maid That Sleeps In Love (Solas)

I am a maid that sleeps in love and cannot feel my pain For once I had a sweetheart, and Johnny was his name And if I cannot find him, I'll wander night and day For it's for the sake of Johnny, I'll cross the stormy seas I'll cut off my yellow locks, men's clothing I'll wear on And like a gallant soldier boy this road I'll gang along Enquiring for a captain a passage to engage free For to be his chief companion on the banks of liberty The very first night the captain lay down on his bed to sleep These very words he said to me, "I wish you were a maid Your cherry cheeks and ruby lips, they've often enticed me I wish to the gods, unto my heart, a maid you were to me" In three days after that we did land on shore "Adieu, adieu, dear captain, adieu forever more A sailor boy I was on ship, but a maid I am on shore Adieu, adieu, dear captain, adieu forever more" "Come back, come back, my blooming girl, come back and marry me For I have a good fortune, I'll give it all to thee" "To marry you, dear captain, is more than I can say For it's for the sake of Johnny, I'll wander night and day"