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God Is Dead (Carnivore)

God looked down from heaven shook his head and wept His flock had gone astray wolves mingling with sheep You tried to save man once by sending down a son But the bastards nailed him up And laughed at what they'd done You gang raped mother nature I love a virgins cry Blood poured from the earth she suffered and she died Rusty scissors still in hand you castrated father time Feed his balls to the hounds that drink his cum like wine God is dead You've taken all my precious gifts I gave unto you life from by breath You a product of my love Your gratitude shown in my death The devil has taken your spirit Keeps it chained up in the night Tells you that evil is good But you will never see the light Eat his body drink his blood Then we'll sing our song of love Now you come crawling on your hands and knees You beg for forgiveness suck me till I bleed And for your transgressions heretical blasphemy The punishment is damnation you'll burn interminably Look what you've done to nature And what you've done to time there's no more room in hell Your sinners you steal what is mine Now the dead walk the earth There's nowhere to hide The devil and his disciples Rejoice my suicide Bustin' heads breaking legs Smashin' faces spreading hate Screaming out this can't be real Broken bottles chains and Knives bats and pipes to end your life Crush you beneath my wheels And of course no regret give me freedom or give me death You're flirting with disaster Riding wild running free no one's gonna govern me