Predator (Carnivore)

They live beneath the ruined city call the subways home Anxiously wait to see the sun and a land as of yet unknown Gone below to escape the death of the nuclear winter Ice and darkness due penance for the sinners Six generations two hundred years later Their ancestors crawl from their holes Hungry and frightened and barely surviving They're tired of living like moles Up on the surface a fate worse Than dying meeting the end of the food chain Teeth yielding pain I sense that living human beings dwell below my feet An important source of protein, you are what you eat Post Armageddon, neo-barbaric, The nuclear warriors due battle To satiate our hunger we breed human beings as cattle Hunting in packs ready for the attack We eat our prey raw-rabid animals Frothing and ripping the carcass We're stripping our own yes we're cannibals Eat or eaten beat or beaten I am on my life rest assure a predator Broken splintered bones, boiling blood Torn and bleeding skin Blackened burning flesh melting fat Amputated limbs Eviscerated, lungs torn out Heart ripped from the chest Decapitated, a meal of Vagina and breasts Eyes plucked from sockets, gaping holes Through which picking brains Phlebophilia love of blood Life spills from the veins I detect the scent of prey by Her menstruation You have been chosen the main course Congratulations!