Race War (Carnivore)

Black against white Yellow versus red The fighting won't stop Until we're all dead Burning riots destroy the masses Nightfall brings death,city reduced to ashes Don't call me your brother We fell from different cunts And your akins an ugly color Race war We're going to a Race war Hate war We're going to a Hate war Heyndicial homicide Bloodshed, rampage torture is not subsiding Chaos, bedlam, violent ethnic uprising Moslems against christians And the arabs versus jews The catholics and protestants No one wins we all loose Everybody's gonna die Xenophobic tendencies Instilled in us at birth Are mislodled racism Hostilities getting worse Accept the fact my distant cousm Insocateel environments May just be the key Human beings suspicious Soon fear grees to hate We'll have each other by the throat When forced to integrate Mothers watch their children die And each other hand Cain and Abel set the course Ethnocentric command Race ware Hate war