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Technophobia (Carnivore)

You fear change and all that is new Stand in the way of progress Like primitive man afraid of fire Till the explored it's many uses The power of the atom at our disposal Yet it called unsafe Nuclear energy so clean and pure Your ignorance is a disgrace Do not resist It is your destiny Have wr not all became The children of technology Holding fate in a magnetic grip Of all your irrational fears The shadow of machinery cast upon the flesh Blood swent and gears The robots of dawn offsprings of industry Stop you in the cobalt blue light One fell swoop and you've become a memory Away with your intrusive life Into the reactor! You worship a deadman hung with nails Only a fool would die for the sins of humanity On your knees before electronics Lets replace this religious insanity Tear down the chures instead of thetrounds Build there the holy reactors Give us the children science and math In place of bibles and pastors You bleeding heart liberals Who oppose the nuclear regulatory commission Must be completed to retire You serve only as obstacles and should be used To fuel the nuclear pyre