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Ruthless Freestyle (Giggs)

Get Back I'm a Let Ma Gat Go Got An Itchy Finger I'm a Leave A fat Hole Violated I'm a Get You Back Though I'm a Lick Shots When I Ma Flippin Mac Blow (Ummmm) 08 But I'm Gettin Back Though With My Fitted Hat Covering My Picky Afro Fedz On My Case So I'm Sitting Back Low And My Lines Hot So You Know I'm Switching That Phone Don't Drive In My Best Drop And You Know I Don't Like When I Get Stopped Real Niggers Ride To My Best Of (Giggs) When They Let Slugs Glide In Your Head-Top Shot White So I Get Gwap Spend About 1-5 In the Resturant Don't grind on a dead block, Got clients dat buy like a z-stock. Spend 5 in the crep shop Crocodiles all round on my fresh coste Who's soundin the best off... Units got it all down on the desktop (Yes) Dnt mind wat the tek costs, Covers up the mouth when the tek coughs (Ummmm) Flippin thru a load of dirty magazines, But nuttin like paedophiles in a sex shop (Negh!) Black hat and a Hackett white-tee, Plus the jeans match so you know the jacket might be, Etienne Ozeki recognise the OE, EO on my top, I'm a double OG. Rollin with Rockz, Gunna D and OP. We're from Down South, but we ain't rockin gold teeth (Ummmmm) Rollin round listening to Wooly's OT With my Woolyhood, so u motherf**kers won't see. Get gwap's what my brother told me, And surviving's somethin dat my mother showed me. So I'm ridin, and u motherf**kers gon see, I'll b smilin... Wat u motherf**kers want beef? Better back up off me, I'm a little off-key, But I'm on-point, when u see me steppin on street. Ghetto v Peckham, I ain't on dat dead beef, So I holla at my motherf**kin nigga Smiley.