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Talking The Hardest (Giggs)

If your talkin the 'Ardest Giggs betta pop up in your thoughts as an artist (Jheeze) Tauntin' the market Everybody wanna kno where 'Walk In Da Park' is Walk in the party Sportin Armani Half of the crowd all snortin my charley Sorted the bar, time to sort the punnany Chicks lookin at me like talk to me darlin (Jheeze) Hollerin at man Winkin, Smilin and wanna attack man I think these lighties lovin my black gang Everyones suit same colour as Batman's Flippin like a quarter a brick Bag 28 with a thought of a gish Anybody thinks they can talk to my click will end up covered in red like a portion of chips (mmm) Pour me a drink Big fur jacket that's the thoughts of a pimp I used to be quiet did that sort anything? So I had to run riot when I bought me a ting Walk wit my ting Peddlin morphine Dem times deh I was lickin out more green Skip couple years '07 the story Now I'm Hollowman wit sum heavy Dior jeans (mmm) Bitch niggas lookin for glory, Wanna beef me so they can tell u a story, It will get bloody and it will get gory, Clapped in the neck like Amanda In Saw 3, Yea I got my suttin deh pon me, So much straps I'll have a weaponery orgy Feds try nick me for a murder but it cudda been the man that had the weapon before me, B, White and Green I been peddalin all 3, Droppd P a box it was jus under 4g, I told er weigh the 10s das 2grams, And weigh the 8s about 4g Bad mans on the block Spenda, Yung Giggs, Mantis an Rocks TB, Tinie, Carlton and Jim Jones Holdin it down while dey handle da Block (niggas) Pussyholes got my mandem on lock Straps we handle a lot Clapped ur mandem are wot Me and u are cool but you can stand there and watch My PYGs will put their hands on your watch Be easy I'll put your mans in a box Young like TB, JJ and Shockz I treat my lil niggas like fam not a boss (mm) All my mandem are hot But your mandem are wash Beat couple shots and you ran to the cops Big 4.5 they couldnt handle the shock I talk about the handgun a lot But that one Hollowman handles a lot All the black gang fam are handled a lot Me and Foss baggin up grams at the spot Shots in my grind Gettin jumped in my vehicle All gassed up now ah mi slang me a rock (mmm) Hollowman handles his job Feds on the ground helicopters on top Beautiful women wanna dock to my cot A beautiful woman wouldn't stop gettin cock (You kno what I'm Sayin, you niggas kno what hollowmans about now yeh)