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The Last Straw (Giggs)

Even though the hood bumps Me nothing ain't changed Still up in the hood hungry Gotta maintain but I feel a bit jumpy So I'm sitting here looking at my big pumps I get love from the villains in blocks When I do shows love from the women in flocks So when walk in the park drops You'da thought I'd be swimming in gwap The industry better back down They don't no shit bout my background Think they can understand and chilling in the hood And a nigger comes round ringing off a macroun We living in a crap town We no choice but the mission is to act now So you think I give a shit about jazmin? Silly little fat cow UMMMMMMMMMMMM Went home and I sat down Took my jacket off put my hat down I'm all over the map now So ray paul your lil mission just collaps now Hahaha Swaggers intact now Video I had the wooleys in the background UMMMM A.j jeans talking the hardest tops and you got the hoddeys and the hats now The boggers looking blacked out With the sn1 nigger on the back ouch Spend with the sn1 chain BLINGG I just had to give a fat shout UMMMM Talking the hardest That's the track now Freestyle ain't no book how does that sound? Jheeze I just wanna thank all of the fans that support hollow man and Listen to his tracks now Wow haha yeah They forced me to do it Haha get me I just wanna be left alone Jazz nothing personal just buisness Your black boolin me, I'm black boolin you I see you saying what's good jazz get me