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Two Eight One (Hotel Books)

I was standing on the corner between main street and pine, And I thought I saw your ghost, but it was really just mine So let me crawl into your skin for a minute, I promise I'll leave, when I learn what love is I never mean't to be the problem, but I also never thought I'd be your purpose Cause these night terrors can't find me when I refuse to fall asleep Cold breeze weakens my immune system as I continue to walk down the street And I saw a vision of me walking, holding the hand of a beautiful child The child had your eyes, and she also had my smile And in that moment, she was the only girl I could love as much as you And the weakening reality of this measure begin to erode the hope I had of feeling alive so I adopted complacency. The world took all of our dreams and let fear set in, and the only way to drown it out was to not feel anything. But I ask you, please save songs for me and my bride to sing, for when we decide the time is right. Save songs for me and my bride to sing, for when we decide to fall asleep. But until then, I guess I'll just keep walking. When I have nothing to think about, my mind either wanders into remembering how much I love holding you tight, or some nights I just dive into a monologue in my own mind, arguing through theology and when I felt completely lonely. I ventured into a new part of life saying to myself, "We all worship a God who already taught us how to die." And would he do it again if he knew I was going to be alive? Cause I get on my knees to get closer to the sky, and I take my many blessings and then I kiss them goodbye. Cause I have this habit of being selfish. And blaming my shortcomings on just being a habit. But I love it because it's convenient. And I keep saying I'm gonna change, but until then I'll just keep walking. And I remember the moment I destroyed everything I loved, just to find out that I had no idea what love was. And the conformity that came with materialistic ambitions reduced my heart to nothing more than a target for depression. When no product is for luxury, but now just a cure for depression. I turned my back on her, hoping I could find a new solution And I keep walking, and the wind picks up, and I keep walking, and I miss my love, and I keep walking. And I keep asking, save songs for me and my bride to sing for when we decide that the time is right. Save songs for me and my bride to sing for when we decide to fall asleep. Cause a gust of wind knocks me off my feet, and it doesn't seem to affect a single man made building. I guess sometimes we are weaker than what we create. So what does that say about our love and our hate? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. Maybe I'm wrong. Just save something for me.