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Visions (Hotel Books)

There's clouds and sunshine Drawn out on a piece of printer paper And we're gonna thank her Cause this picture is worthy of the front of the refrigerator A picture of a house With a door, a window and a chimney With five stick figures Labeled: mommy, daddy, brother, sister and me And it's so adorable Cause The artist is only six And she spent her whole working on it And to us, no, it's not perfect But it's worth it Cause to the artist It's a work of art And little girl You're getting older now And you look in the mirror And you don't like that image So you cover in cosmetics And skip meal after meal to loose the shape That your artist intended But I'm here to tell you You're?made? of god's image And if that's not enough for you Then what is? Don't change the shape that the artist intended To cater Of some useless?pics? Cause in the eyes of the one who made you Babygirl you're perfect You're perfect You're You're perfect Don't change The shape Cause in the eyes of the one who matters You're so perfect