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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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2 Eyes 2 C (Suckers)

All your diamond stud halos have never been easier. Turn a cynic to playdough if it'd be easier. You were afraid to test the water, I was a brave lamb to the slaughter, You are a child, I am a child. I should have been the one to doubt it, You never gave two shits about it, You are a child, I am a child. Call your dollar store jesus and ask if it'll be easier. Take her leg train to Venus if that'll be easier. Steal all the dreams from out behind me, You get so high you'll never find me, You are a vampire, I am a vampire. You love it when the riot's rowdy, You never gave two shits about me, You are a scapegoat, I am a scapegoat. Blue clouds are falling from a red sky, So vain you never said goodbye, See the mountaintops, they're too high to climb. Downtown reminds me of a lost love, Too fast to catch it while it's above, See the mountaintops that are too high to climb. Last time we'll ever have our last chance, Unwind in the belly of a slow dance, The mountaintops are too high to climb. It takes two eyes to see.