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There's a place (Beatles)

C G7 C There there's a place F G7 C where I can go F G7 C when I feel low Ami G7 when I feel blue Emi F and it's my mind G7 Emi F and there's no time G7 C when I'm alone. I I think of you and things you do go around my head the things you've said. F Like I love Ami G only you. Ami D7 In my mind there's no sorrow C Emi don't you know that it's so Ami D7 there'll be no sad tomorrow C Emi don't you know that it's so. Ami There for there's a place where I can go when I feel low when I feel blue and it's my mind and there's no time when I'm alone. G7 C F There's a place G7 C F there's a place G7 C there's a place.