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Or Nah (Shy Glizzy)

Y'all don't have to worry bout taking This one out the dip This that shit, nigga This that shit! See, I'm an O.G. in this shit, man! I love to see your bosses stepping like this I love to see your bosses living like this I love to see these young bosses, taking charge Taking step, making big ass move Korean move [Hook: x2] Aye lil bitch, you fucking or nah? Aye lil nigga, you shooting or nah? I think he lying, he rapping or nah? Look what he 'bout, he chopping or nah? Glizzy baby, Glizzy baby, that nigga or nah Nigga, where your pistol at? You a hitter or nah? Bitch, you the bait. You gon' hit it or nah? I think your ass fake, can I touch it or nah? You 'possed to be a trapper, you get money or nah? I knew he was a rapper, he funny or not? Just saw that lick of brick. Is it dummy or not? Nigga, you ain't killin' shit, you a gummy or nah? Look at his feet work, is it foreign or nah? Look at it street works, foreign or nah? Look at his bitch, she foreign or nah? Look at my bitch, she foreign or nah? [Hook] Look at my chain, it bling or nah? My life is so the same, it's a dream or nah? Watch the ground, I'm a king or nah? You got a lot of phones, it ring or nah? What ya smoking? OG or nah? Who the fuck is he? OG or nah? They keep screaming my name, Know me or nah? What you got on yo wrist? Rollie or nah? Nigga what you say? Sneak dissing or nah? Backing out my drive way, On a mission or nah? I got them bands on me, You tricking or nah? Don't put your hands on me, You like living? Or nah? [Hook]