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White Girl (Shy Glizzy)

[Hook:] In love with a white girl She's soft as powder I get hard around her I'll whip her right here She French, I'm a coke boy Don't fuck with broke boys She know I'm a dope boy She said get me dope, boy I seen 15 bricks today You make 15 bucks an hour Robbin ass niggas in the kitchen, playing with flour I got all this power, you a fucking coward My bitch come from France, oh, she like my Eiffel Tower Ooww My plug got them blocks, just like LuLu I supply your block, I give you work and tell you do you You no fool, you know that the Glizzy Gang will shoot you We're not backing down, we not run from shit but woo woo Cocaine, that's my bitch, we not run from shit but woo woo Cocaine, that's my bitch, oh, she made me rich I wanna be like rich these niggas wanna be like mitch In the kitchen, when I cook a wankle wankle wip Free my dawg they book 'em just like Michael Michael Vick [Hook] Trips from Puerto Rico Fucking with my Migos Bitch, they sing like Ne-Yo This shit do not come with cheat codes Lil' over seas ho Wish I had a trio Feisty like a lion, I forgot she was a Leo She come from the slums Grew up on first of the month Know how to shoot a gun Her father fought in Vietnam She so fucking fine, yeah, she so fucking fine She have a lot of niggas She say I'm the dopest one I got a lot of guns I got a lot of paper Won't nobody find ya body Boy I got A lot of acres I give these niggas tips Ooh ya'll shouldve been some waiters My Wrists like dirty checks Ooh I shouldve been A banker [Hook]