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I'm Not a Whore (Sheppard)

I, I'm tired of your bitchin' And I-E-I-E-I, I'm sick of your whinging. You've bitten more than you can chew and you should know I'm the devils food. Please try to forget me! Cause I-E-I-E-I, I'm happy as can be You complain more than I can stand So grow some BALLS and be a man! I'm not a whore, I just got over you Now I'm hoping that you will too Ain't it a shame You've only got yourself to blame. So if you want a fight tell another lie I'll never forfeit my pride Now, everything is splendid I wake up feeling fresh My life has amended So understand - I'm not coming back. I'm gonna find someone with the things you lack. I'm glad you make a mistake Before I did and stayed with you And now you're making waves Because you're sad and lonely, and hopeless too! We were broken from the start, so you never broke my heart And you always made me cry, I was never satisfied So find another fish, there are plenty in the sea You can fool them all you want with your sly trickery, OH!