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The Best Is Yet To Come (Sheppard)

Take me to a different place Where love is not illusion based And fear is just a word they can define Where I've heard hope and happiness Is found in every beating chest Cos all those hearts are more or less inclined To give it all away without a fear of what's to break The answer that we never seem to find The hand we always take disintegrate without a trace And we're the ones they've always left behind [Chorus:] Help me understand the best is yet to come Take me by the hand before I come undone Cos all this emptiness has left me feeling numb But it's darkest right before the sun Now I've let mullings pass me by But I refuse to leave my life To fall between the cracks of my control I was unspoken 'til I woke up in All the chains that were imprisoning my soul [Chorus] And if you try to swim the other way Then they'll never let you see another day But I've been there before I've been a soldier in this war If you take it in your stride You might just see the other side Just breath, breath Because everything you see Is just a stone throw away [Chorus]