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Forbidden Path (Chronology)

I've heard too many lies I don't want to hear them anymore All those family ties Just hide from me the truth Like a big, black wall Cousin of son: I tell you now What I can recall I saw him with dangerous men Before he left us all They stood around Like holy chosen ones I asked him who they were? He said: „The Guardians" It's hard to understand What happened to him at that time Try to find a man I think he was his friend Maybe he's alive I tell you now What I can recall Find this man he knows much more About your fathers fall Don't be afraid His place is not so far But are you sure you're ready to know? The truth is so bizarre Those were so troubled times He was twisted by hazy ideas But I saw the fear in his eyes And one day he went away I know this road I follow the trace I'll find this man I need to know What was my father's fate I don't turn back And I'm not afraid They say it's a forbidden path But I don't care