Frozen Time (Chronology)

Time has come for me To pay my dues I've made a wrong decision Now I can make it right I know his name Though we've never met before My journey ends The gate exists I saw it for myself But now I'm caught In a deep black hole God! Is there someone to help? Don't be afraid I am on your side I have something To tell you about the old days Back in time... Eighteen years ago... Dark times... Mourning and grief The said he lost his mind He broke the rules And used the Gate To bring your mother back to life I wonder why There was no trial The council's judgement was too fast They had no doubt that he belonged To the prison of unmoving past So many things I can't explain I can't read in their minds But I'm sure that he is not that kind He'd never commit any crime No one can imagine that place. No windows to look out to the world. The time doesn't exist there. Caught in a neverending moment, You are buried alive forever. I wish I could Turn time back I'd try to save him someway I just stood there so helplessly And watched as they took him away