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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Your Hiding All The Right Things (Breathe Electric)

So turn yourself around, I know just what you're thinking, That your decisions don't affect me like they do, And baby what a shame for that, Because I know just what you need, And I, I probably could have helped with that, And no one knows what the hell you're hiding, I'm sure you're probably pretty lucky for that It started out, I'm probably gonna need you, Come on up you know I need to see you, And even if you knew the way, I tell you girl, you know I'd never leave you, I tried to call but you were never around, It felt like making love to voicemail, Leave a note the next time you're in town, But I know it's gonna end up in my trash can, And even if we fall we could play it off together We could be in perfect weather And no one would know, And only if you'd call you could see just one Thing I could be that one to make you matter And no one would know, Well I'm turning around now, The way I'm thinking about you, That maybe you werent meant to see That no one really ever gives a shit, And now I'm writing you right now And I, I'm sorry what I did to you, And now we're all just staring at you now, You probably think it's more than you deserve