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You Like Me Too Much (Beatles)

Ami 1. Though you've gone away this morning C G you'll be back again tonight Ami telling me there'll be no next time C G if I just don't treat you right. Hmi D R1: You'll never leave me and you know it's true G C D 'cause you like me too much and I like you. 2. You've tried before to leave me but you haven't got the nerve to walk out and make me lonely which is all that I deserve. R1: G A Hmi E G A D7 *: I really do and it's nice when you believe me if you leave me. 3. I will follow you and bring you back where you belong 'cause I could't really stand it I'd admit that I was wrong. R2: I wouldn't let you leave me 'cause it's true [: 'cause you like me too much and I like you. :] *: 4.=3. R2: