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Rambling's Going To Be The Death Of Me (Jansch Bert)

Ask me why a rambler aint got no home Ask me why I sit and cry alone I wish I knew, I wish I knew If I knew, I'd know what to do Day in, day out seems I'm a-runnin' all on my own Day in, day out there is weakness a-growin' in my bones Wo, it aint no use, nah, it aint no use My mind is dead I got to turn my body loose Wish Mama you could hear the words that I cry Wish Mama now at home I could die But my time is late, my time is late I'm on my own and Lord I've got it straight No girl I've loved has ever held me down No reason can I give for leaving this town My love is true now, my love is true But the road is long, I've got to see my journey through So Girl, don't deny the freedom that's born to me Girl don't deny that a rambler must always be free Someday you'll see now, Babe, someday you'll see That my ramblin's gonna be the death of me