Gidget Goes To Hell (Suburban Lawns)

Gidget gets a hand Into daddy's pocket Silver keys, shiny red sports car Speed-shift, baby on PCH, yeah She's not goin' to school - surfer's rule! Ohhhhhhh, Gidget goes to hell! Gidget shakes her ass cool As she strolls across the beach She's so good yeah At teasing all the boys there Their hopes are rising While their chances are falling Frustration It's such a subtle torture Ohhhhhhh, Gidget goes to hell! Ohhh She's the center of attention As she runs into the waves Paddles way outside, yeah Waiting for the big one Bigger than she knows, yeah Huge fin on the water Flashing white teeth snap Bloody bikini Ohhhhhhh, Gidget goes to hell! Ohhh!