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Skeletons (Tulisa)

Thought I needed your love, Thought I needed your favour. Thought I needed your follow, Dreams of being your favourite. Cut your slice of the pie, Take pieces of me. The taste is living out, Gonna' spit it out. I'll never be your hero, I have too many flaws. No shining night in armour, I'll never be your star. I'd rather be the darkness, Than to lie in the light.. Rather be the one you love, Than who you lie like you know my secrets That makes you hold me, Offend me. Don't let, Simply exorcising demons,You never admit you're just like me. You know all of my secrets, That makes you holier than me. Don't let, What like a drug, I've been feeling. When we know, We all, Have that, Closet full of skeletons. Never be what you want, And never tear right through your eyes. Seems I can't win for loosing, so why should I f*cking try' Don't ever strike a match, Don't ever light a fire. Hey Mr Stone thrower, Make sure you aim higher. See these ashes on my shoulder, I've survived fire before. So baby do what you please, So baby do what you do. I'm not talking today, But tomorrow its you.