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Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer (Urgehal)

Black is the world filled with despair No hope and no salvation The loss of god is obvious now Stagnation of all his creation Axis of evil cycle of death Universal bleeding a genocide Total religious propaganda In the eastern land veiled woman sheltered by the hands of Allah Imprisoned behind curtains no one sees the rape Of her sewn ups syphilitic synagogue Slanderous holy man a "martyr"? Will you be blessed with eternal life and joy? Knives will rape your children Mosques becomes tombs Blood on the walls The five fucking pillars will fall Å la oss gro sammen I skitt Pilgrims of mecca Behold the night sky Kneel before the gleaming light It will be your last sight As the flaming star approaches Death missiles strikes and erase all traces of the cube A crater of desolation Death and extermination Pass into black oblivion