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Mirror Satan (Urgehal)

Totally alone I wander by each pillars of hell Sunken deep beyond the devil waves Blessed be hellfire and royal satanic dwell Possessed and vanished Into the darkness of pentagram caves Invocation, desecration and ritual conjuring of the goat Oh father, lick my blood that from my cuts deep float It's 666 paths to almighty father Satan Becoming the crooked waves on the horror sea Purveyor of unholy blasphemic light Just what almighty Satan wants me to be By the nocturnal shores the angels screams and dies With hundred and thirteen tons of might Our destroyer strikes And quiet the choir sung The cordial satanic cipher Mirror Satan, hail Satan Mirror Satan, hail Satan Now when I've usurped the Satanic hell drive cult Watching and commanding From my black throne of thousand Christian skulls It's just the beginning of everlasting murder and insult So it became, now the reflection is the same As I kneel down, do the sign and pray Almighty father Satan, I am now your left hand For you I will obey and this in hells ever domain I will never regret now when the curse and the circle is set Mirror Satan, hail Satan Mirror Satan, hail Satan