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Satanic Deathlust (Urgehal)

The hair on my arms rise and my skin turns pale My heart pounds infernal and my penis erects In these silent hours as I think of you The feeling is the same as when I killed you My mind was in a haze, intoxicated Your were the chosen so my visions told me By each read line from the unholy bible The urge for death grew too strong to resist So I chanted the demons from the underworld To possess my soul To grant me the power, strength, will and courage To take the final step I found you by the river under a pale moon Your spellbinding beauty were of another world And the look you gave me with those steel-blue eyes Spellbound my soul and set my heart afire But still I found the power and will to rape you twice And slit your throat, sacrifice your unpure corpse To master Satan Your were the key to my last journey My portal form earth onto the flaming threshold of hell (The key) to enter the realm death, hell But still I am here as a mortal in despair Though countless sluts has suffered my wrath To complete my sacrificial ritual (But) of all the bloody faces, you are the one I remember No single starlit night has passed Since I pured your death Without you haunting my dreams and sodomize my soul Your death became my curse Haunted by immense nightmares Filled with bestial fear Drowned in necro-sorrow Possessed with infernal blasphemy