Increase The Pressure (King Prawn)

They wanna get my arse in gear and make a contribution If i don't then i'm gonna feel the wrath of retribution Don't wanna ask for 'more' A distraction to the door of freedom, liberty, rejection of their law You revel in self-glory thinking the battle has been won A product of your history but we can steal it from your sons Masked up and hooded we raise a clenched fist State politics of hypocrites respond like terrorists With a shot to the top this method will rock Sowing the seeds of discontent the structure will rot Light the fuse, stop the abuse 'round their neck they wear a tie but soon they'll wear a noose Yes we have hunger No place to shelter Keeping us in purdah Time to say 'basta' Increase the pressure Reject the power You sit on top of a mountain built on misery and suffering Your lofty throne will fall and heads will come down rolling Work the slave-driver, evict the landowner The army's coming to town to restore the bossman's order True colours now you show Your might want to stop the flow The battle may be lost today But the war we'll win tomorrow Cos we are many and we are one They stare into our eyes down the barrel of a gun Yes we have hunger No place to shelter Living in purdah Witness to the murder