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Birds (Richie Rich)

To all my hustler niggas To all the muthafuckas out there that's rollin' You know what I'm talkin' 'bout? Fuckin' with the birds Check this out Bring me back a soda and I don't mean a Sprite I need the armor hammer so my shit'll bounce right I was cookin' dope, bringin' back full moons Fuck till November, I be gone till June Summer ain't shit if you ain't got the coke Flipped a drop-top with the all-gold spokes Oakland gettin' money, nigga, fuck what you heard Out of town niggas livin' half a bird What you fuckin' with? Tell em what you fuckin' with I'm pushin' birds Seen my nigga in a Benz and he spin in a ditch He be movin' things for like thirteen point six Try to tell his nigga how he hatin' the game Let's get them driver numbers, eighteen a thing Want to-be niggas can't tell him shit Two weeks pass, heard that nigga got hit Found him in the hills with a dick in his mouth Stupid muthafucka, game turned him out Smoked The nigga got smoked Violated fuckin' with them birds Niggas round the world screamin' they want some Used to get my shit from a straight Columb' Cracker fucked around and locked the connect down Now only Mex hold weight in the Town Dippin' in the thangs feelin' cash for dubs Now that's the type of shit that get your ass fucked up I'm spendin' big bread so I need the cream Cook ten zips, bring back fourteen Heard em in a drop on the strength of a Holdin' all that dough but I swear it ain't him Niggas in the Town gettin' mad at the rich Learn the game, punk, buy your dope through a bitch 'Cause I ain't fuckin' with you Snitch nigga, I ain't fuckin' with you Have your bitch get your birds I'm puttin' up numbers so I'm changin' the stats You all know by now, yes, a nigga need gats All my Israeli with the Gaza chops Fully automatic, brand new in the box A funny style nigga but his guns be good He used to own a liquor store right up in the hood Smelly muthafucka, sto' filled with nats Never woulda thought he had the gats Made his ass a offer at a thousand a bird With this type of shit I knew his ass'll stay in fur Either way it go I'm spendin' loot 'Cause niggas got the word that it's birds in the coop And they stay in there Nigga, AK's in there Come and try to get my birds Two point two thirty-six or a g Hard or soft, that be I-R-D Man's best friend, nigga, fuck a dog Never got to feed him, plus he bought me a hog My bike worth fifty, Benz worth a hun' Unrecouped, I do this rap shit for fun Don't get it twisted, nigga, catch it cause it's real Had a presidential way 'fore I had a deal Believe me I'm born and raised with em Nigga, I stays with em Pluckin' feathers off the birds To all my muthafuckin' cola-rollers Out of muthafuckin' controllers Understand me? Get that bread, nigga Crack pays In so many muthafuckin ways I used to sell two dollar rocks Nigga, dollar fifty rocks, nigga On the real, I had eighty cent rocks