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Do G's Get To Go To Heaven (Richie Rich)

I Dedicate This To My Man Tupac, Rest In Peace Boy You Know Its All Luv Who Holds Jurisdicton Over My Twisted Thoughts? And I'm Not To Blame For What Happens Off In This Game I'm Do Or Die About My Scratch But I Know This Dope Game Ain't Tha Way 4 Me To Go. But Still I'm There Grin And Waten For That Next Paper, Thinkin About How To Loaded Another Caper, Its Some Cold Shit To Know I Can Slang All Night And Slang All Day But Never Have Tha Courage To Pray. Belive I Know Better But Somehow I Fell That I'm Stuck At The Crossroads But I'm Afraid To Cross. Could It Be What I'm Drinkin? It Got Me Thinkin Like I'm Thinkin " Lord I Need Help But I Can't Help My Self " I Awake To To Sirens , Homies Dien, Kids In Tha Street With No Foo d To Eat, Hoes Getting Money In They Only Profession But Lord I Only Got One Question? [Chorus] Do Gs To Heaven? Coz I Don't Wanna Die But If So I'd Like To Know Do Gs To Heaven? (3x) And If I Took A Life Are Perhaps Sold Some Dope Would You Discriminate On My Arrival To Tha Gate? I Need To Know My Fate, Now My Life Ain't Str8 But Look At Were I Live Its So So Crooked, I Didn't Shot That Man But I Watc hed Him Die And Saw Tha Pain And Struggle In His Eye, And Didn't Cry So When I Hear Tha Thunder Are You Takin Me Under? Are Is My Seeing As Bad As Tha Gooder [Chorus] Do Gs To Heaven? Coz I Don't Wanna Die But If So I'd Like To Know Do Gs To Heaven? (3x) For Every Time I Walked By, And Every Time I Got High, For Every Man I Watched Die Lord I Need To Know Do Gs Get To Go? For All Tha Women I Runn Though Those I Did And Didn't Plain 2 Are Every Scam I Ran My Hands Though, Lord I Need To Do Gs Get To Go? And If They Get To Go, When Its Time To meet My Maker Well He Understand I'm Only A Man Flesh -N- Bone, Born To Die In Tha Zone, And Gets Loney Trying To Make It On Ya Own. And When My Baby Crys My intentions Are To Feed And Fufill Tha Needs Of My One And Only Seed And If I Rob And Steal Let It Read In My Will " Payback From Tha Ones That Who Fell Victoms To My Guns" On Tha Run But Knowin I Can't Hide, Why Do I Feel Tha Way I feel In Side? Its Like My Soul Is Leavein Me, Are You Decieving Me ? I Hear Voices, Sayin Belirve In Me, Is It You? I Hear Theres A Man Named GOD That Can Fix It, When Its Twisted I'm Not Sayin I'm All That Bad But I Can Use A Lil Help Coz At Times I Can't Help My Self [Chorus] Do Gs To Heaven? Coz I Don't Wanna Die But If So I'd Like To Know Do Gs To Heaven? (6x)