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If (Richie Rich)

(Verse 1: Richie Rich) I learned first A bitch gon' move like she want to Through the grass, to camaflauge the ass Her main goal, the cats at the top of the pole She's 17 Already on the 18th hole that's how it goes Niggas better check these hoes Bust moves to improve Try to stay on ya toes 'cause this bitch, she guppyin' up with every balla, Don't hate me 'cause the bitch ate me I seen it happen what's poppin, is hoopin' and rappin' She call me papi, Never bought this bitch versace Dawn and Karen, that thing's in the black LeBaron, Got her transportin' Now she feel important Little girl gone bad, she dancin' at the club Mad den a mothafucka lookin' for love She fuckin' everything And a nigga can't control her Hoopas, rappas, thugs, and high rollas (Chorus) If I fucked yo' bitch Would a nigga trip? Knowin' that she go around blowin' niggas' dicks If I fucked yo' bitch Would a nigga trip? Knowin' that she go around blowin' niggas' dicks X2 (Verse 2: Richie Rich) You know, like I know Paid niggas live The M ticket, make the hoes want to kick it All groupies Big, tall, and small groupies Niggas get paid Believe they all groupies She got a nigga And she love him Ain't gon' leave him But quick to cross, with any nigga that floss Boy I'm tellin' ya Its your job to test your bitch If her legs open Believe I can arrest your bitch She fine than a mothafucka bout to get fucked And no loss bein' broke 'cause nigga we ain't folks Playa policy, you should have more than one hoe 'cause when she drop down below Damn, there she blow Its on now But before she hit the house The scope fo sho I let her wash out her mouth Now she kissin' you Screamin' how she missin' you In love with one bitch He bit the tougne kiss (Chorus) (Verse 3: Richie Rich) If I fucked her As if he fucked her Would it break ya heart If I told ya, we fucked her Be up together Shit I broke, they slept together I'm the balla At ya house the crank caller Let me be the reason you get caller I.D. Ya can't check her These clients at the business respect her She love this Nigga no lie, I fucked your bitch I know it hurts But if ya scared go to church Respect a thug I kept ya bitch out the mud Gave a game of trey Showed her how to get paid Don't mug me Nigga you should take me to lunch I got a hunch That we gonna see each other a bunch Like that GS 3 Boy that's PS me Its all pimpin Trick you should pay more attention Can't hate it When practically we related She your wife, my hoe Its your bitch, with my dough (Chorus) (Verse 4: Richie Rich) Ya bitch hit the studio Tryin' to see Just how much dick she gotta suck to fuck with me Said you was proper But shit you wasn't a thug She had a phat ass on her I couldn't pass on her Its too cats in a bitch life Two mackin' a trick They keep her even Some how this trick keep believin' That he's the playa Nothin' to lose its all game Like bein a trick for this bitch is a small thang I knew though When I'm doin' my thang real quick with a bitch Be slick with a bitch She slip Nigga don't stick with a bitch Get ghost on a bitch Stay close, pop like toast on a bitch Play Benz on a bitch T.V.'s 20 inch rims on a bitch Break wind on a bitch Go deep Then take 10 on a bitch Drop south on a bitch Put dick all on the mouth with a bitch I'ma out on a bitch that's really all I'm bout on a bitch Its me, Jazzy-Fay, and Dent tryin' to pay the rent (Chorus to end)