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Pillow (Richie Rich)

featuring Rame Royal DeWayne Wiggins Intro: Richie Rich (DeWayne Wiggins) (Take a hit of this joint take a puff of the bulkest dove) Puff on it! 9 6 (baby) Richie Rich Rame Royal hmm Verse 1: Richie Rich When I wake up in the morning first I yoke out then I ???? pimp so I can smoke out Good green opening up my third eye for sure As I contemplate on which spot I'd like to go today Damn, should I CDB again, I feel like loccin fallin through every bomb spot in Oakland I got the good but I just can't trip Skyball TWAMP TWAMP for a piece of crip Danl ???? that's the place to go And my partner on the corner got the sack for sure '84, I'm quick to look for booty hook and if I'm fienin I need to see beamin 'cause, aah, them young brothers smoke the same way I smoke But now all day I'm comin up short Uh, I hope the town still love me For some reason and my deceasing and my zoot's ain't fluffy I need a pillow Chorus: DeWayne Wiggins Lay a drop on the pillow (Yeah baby) And just relax, relax, relax (Cos that was made for you) Lay a drop on the pillow (yeah baby) I'll fly free sack (fly free sack), fly free sack (Cos that was dove for you) Verse 2: Rame Royal By chance it might seem strange, many nights I dream of trees on the range with branches of light green Women slumbering get tossed like salad with cucumber but can't stop me from gettin lost on the lands of broccoli High! I shut em, close my eyes, cough, too much spirit goes The cloud nine where I'm a lyrical wiz Magical like Willow wit automatic flowin pillows Get rolled in a bliz and consumed, that's how Rame Royal is In my room at the villo, sun shines through blue blinds on the window, lettin me know it's time to go back to reality Oakland, Cali And a sack of indo left on the bed next to my rizzy's head Fulfillin wishes, I'm fillin phillies, Vegas and swishes wit twenty reefers, sticky weed - minty and delicious All I need and can axe for, a twamp to crunch Probably won't want another blunt til lunch Chorus Verse 3: Richie Rich Fell through Sophia's but didn't see her Now I'm convinced that it's on when I fall through this red fence I shoulda flipped the whole thang when I had the chance but that done broke my back like a bald bozack On a late night, I lurk for sure and got a lot of dough for the first cat with the platinum sacks And, naw, it ain't a jack, you can hold my scraps but pull a move and catch a lump to the back behind the scak Richie Rich might walk a country mile, smilin all the way long Wit dreams of pullin bongs, writin bomb songs Buzzin with my cousin at the villo stressin off a pillow Chorus: DeWayne Wiggins Lay a drop on the pillow (yeah baby) And just relax, (just) relax, relax (I know, I know, I know the sack was one for you!) Lay a drop on the pillow (yeah baby) I'll fly free sack, (fly free sack), fly free sack (I know this sack was wrong for you) Yeah ba-by! Oooh yeah Here we are gettin night endeavour Don't worry 'cause it's gonna get better I roll a fat one for you, yeah Break it down 'cause it ain't no startin Put a drop on the every bodin And I'll blow a pillow with you