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Playboy (Richie Rich)

(Richie Rich) Come out and play... (Woman's Voice) Playboy... (Richie Rich laughing) (Woman's Voice) Playboy... (Richie Rich) Whatchu know about that? Ahhhh... All bad bitches, lock windows lock doors Fake pimps lock hoes Niggas with diet game too late stole clothes Real bitches fuck with deez and not those When I'm at the club and they pop the doze Nigga keep ya eyes open, watch the hoes Could it be the walk foo? The shoes, or the clothes? Or maybe they be bound to the game i throw Its the raspy, genuine, into mine When I'm on the field keep him on the sideline That soft shit you spit, it ain't tight I never known the hoes to bite on game light 'cause it ain't right To slide through in S Fish Lauren's a dish and deals with the best bitch Trick I shoots this Like Marcus Ray-Boy I bring it to life 'cause I'm a true playboy nigga... (Chorus) Playboy, he's runnin the game straight raw Playboy, he's givin you much much more Playboy, he's runnin the game straight raw Playboy, he's givin you much much more... (Richie Rich) I just knocked a euro-bitch in a mazarate See Rich pimp hoes in tennis shoes and gym clothes But I'll boot a bitch Who got ass like she's black Love to fuck me, Bruce Lee sucky-sucky Now I run hoes of all nationalities And when I'm in the zone Her breasts might be silicone Might catch me on the stroll with a bad bitch I'm checkin' loot Nigga listen to the game I shoot When I'm out alone I seem to knock straight hoes Be on the lo-lo But niggas screamin dat's they hoe You come and get this bitch 'cause double-are got more And what I do My stable stays stuffed like glew I put my vocal on it And call me raspy nigga 9 hoes, fine hoes Don't even ask me nigga I ace 'em up My shoes, my bitches, lace 'em up It's the real McCoy A O.G. Playboy foo' (Chorus) (Some beat boxing) (Richie Rich) Since I'm gonna be here's a map, for the want to-be's The game pick up niggas Stick away quick Why push 19s, when I could slip on dubs And check this Once or twice a day switch fits Be a heat packer Safe from the street jackers I rock ice The type of cat to hit a block twice Call up once, sac run up, baby no fronts Smoke blunts Only let her hit the light once Compare So damn different than a playa The first one He be the worst one Bitches to the left Me and my cat Hew Hef Play me Ya lose the L and pay me in ?? toes that's the type of shit I tell hoes Prefer puppies That drown in the game like guppies Now they swimmin Straight lakes, born to chase women Play it slow My lifestyle's smoother than Trojan nigga (Chorus)