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Proudhon In Manhattan (Wingnut Dishwashers Union)

I stick tape in the holes in my shoes I stick my tongue in the holes in my teeth I stick expletives in the holes in my thought process when I speak My friends stick to their guns They got a bunch in the woods of vermont 'till the end times come But saturn, says he's gonna learn to live As if the world wasn't gonna end and I admire his strength Today I'm gonna do my best To drink coffee in the morning and live as if I didn't feel lonely and hopeless and helpless To save myself for the world where I live And tonight, when I dream it will be That the junkies spent all the drug money on Community gardens and collective housing And the punk kids who moved in the ghetto Have started meeting their neighbors besides the angry ones With the yards, that their friends and their dogs have been puking and shitting on And the anarchists have started Filling potholes, collecting garbage To prove we don't need governments to do these things And I'll wake up, burning time's square as we sing "Throw your hands in the air 'cause property is robbery!"