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England (Brutal Attack)

As I stand up over the fields to my right I can see the warriors the yields to my left, lies, corruption and greed but I know they are not of your seed England I would die for you despite the things that you put me through it's not your choice who lives upon your land but I'm gonna change it whit the power in my hands I can see the flame starting to burn again the blood is strong and the loyalty it remains our enemies are gonna wish they never stood to face us as our strength reduces their pillars to death Fields of green and a sky so clear and blue anyone who can turn their back must be fool I have this feeling deep down inside of me it tells me that pretty soon we will all be free So lets look forward to tomorrow when we will reign supreme and we will be the beholders of the final dream never again for someone else will we have toil like the rain from the heavens our blood will feed the soil