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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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I'm Free (Brutal Attack)

Taste the air and see the sun Body and spirit together as one Running down laughing and fighting in the street Drinking and dancing with friends that we meet Me and Richie are pushing and shoving Me and my lady are laughing and loving Come on now I'm free Come on and have a drink on me Saturday night is all right for fighting We hit the West End and take all the sight in We in the pubs and drinking them dry I've laughed so much. I think I'm gonna cry Well me and Richie are acting the fool Seems like we should be back at school We're in the bars, singing our songs Too many looking it won't be long We get buried for being too loud And we don't look like none of their crowd So off down Brewer street and into a club Drunk so much I can't stand up Another day is over so fast I wonder how long we can last We're spent all day just propping up bars Fighting and laughing and comparing our scars It's just a good time we seek So we're gonna come take a look again next week