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We Stand And We Fight (Brutal Attack)

As a child I sat on my fathers knee He looked in my eyes and said to me "Son you gotta fight if you wanna stay free" I didn't know that he meant right then But as I grew, my truest friend Said, "Ken, it's up to us to defend" So we stand and we fight For what we know to be right And we'll stand until our dying day Yeah, we stand and we fight With all of our might We'll blow away whatever stands in our way And all through my growing years I heeded those words with avid ears And I learned we'd been in chains for years And I pledged to my father there and then We'd do our best me and my friends We'd put our countries pain to an end The older I got the more truth I learned About how a heritage was butchered and burnt And we were forced to be something we weren't But I met more like me, so single minded Who refused their lies, would not be blinded Through love, pride and faith, we were soon binded So that brings us up to the present day And although the threat hasn't gone away We have the strength to keep the beast away Still we have to fight for each of our rights To keep the scared flame burning bright So stand up with us, stand and fight