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Bebe Buell (Chester French)

Oh no, I never been to L.A. I never hung around with so many nuts And 'ye said that there'd be drunk and hot girls But I'm not tryin to mess with no sluts Cuz I just need a girl like you Who doesn't wanna shop at Dior So come inside and lock that hotel door I wanna learn a little more Oh (oh) this ain't groupie love Cuz you mean so much to me You're my Bebe Buell You're my Puerto Rican Pamela Lee And I'm here and I'm now And I'm chasing the charts I'm tryin to buy myself a house in the hills I'm in town And you're down So let's go Now you know that I been locked up in school And I been foamin at the mouth for awhile And you might be everything that I need But maybe I just need to get wild Cuz all these females, lookin sexy Start to make me think like a perv And I been waiting so long that it hurts I only want what I deserve This is my dream All I wanted was to be seen La la la la - woah oh oh La la la la - oh oh Feelings are strong Let's cut our losses move it along La la la la - woah oh oh La la la la - oh oh