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Campus Kingpin (Chester French)

Here I am, here I am, Its the on campus kingpin, yes I am Being broke in school aint really the plan You sell a little this, I can make you the man And even ya man, believe in them grams Money make a bitch fuck a geek on command Yeah, see that sounds good right? I know you smucks just want a piece of the good life Start your little band, cardigans with your good nikes But let me tutor you on how to get your math right You see the law students like to play with they nose And with the frat boys I hear anything goes Spot the psych major by the weed that he blows And you save all the ex for them cheerleader hoes Hey, you got that Maxine? And D.A. That name don't fit on this team District attorney or dumb ass Any way you add up all up it equals to no caaash...