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No Parents Allowed (Chester French)

Do you see what I see? (Do you see what I see?) Chester French beside me... (Chester French beside me...) Mom walked out the front door Girl walked through the back Dick fell to the floor then it touched the ceiling like a basong Parents gone for the weekend Lets start the freakin Theres some girls with a little leakin Let me be the plugger Balls out and they callin me the louisville slugger I'm a tall motherfucka height wise, length wise Since my momma gone out, lemme inspect your thighs I'm KFC, kardi fondel cat Kardi fuck chickenheads, nigga fuck that I'm a snob with the opposite sex, only hot chicks Hockey in the boudoir, lemme do a hat trick Hit that the first time out BK's Kardinal still ready to rhyme out Its tequila in the kitchen, lemme take a lime out If you fallin in love, I'm ready to sign out I'm out, peace, yeah sayonara Gotta make another call, see a next chick tomorrow Cause my moms comin back saturday after next Thats 14 days of unsupervised sex and a whole lotta drinkin and a whole lotta sin So I say a prayer then I gotta let fun begin Goin in, and only stop once you comin out Not out the closet yo, comin out her mouth The lower mouth, two lips in between hips I'm a tall glass of water, who ready to take sips? Shit nigga this what we do Convict, Star Trak, Black J's who are you? No parents No moms, no dads, only children... Aint no parents allowed Boobs out, penis out, butt naked... Aint no parents allowed Yeah imma rock out, with my cock out Me and Alf ridin the range, I'm gon hop out Lets get familiar, La Familia No parents allowed, you bring'em we'll kill ya I lost weight, but I'm startin to get fat again I like the hand guns, but better with the mac again So New York like a taxi cab I eat pizza gettin hunnies but it aint arab See, I'm so real and my shoulders move I cant front I'm attracted to all the fake boobs Fake ass ass, blonde ass hair Left rap city, we freaks, we dont care And see I get it on the monthly N.O.R.E. I'm the black Al Bundy I'm a hustler baby, you smell it through my lotion I'm so ill sell water to the ocean Half puerto rican like Vico C And my t-shirt 3X, it say free P My favorite weed is sour gizu And I'm half hipster just like Orisu Dude, is that guy dead? Or is he just really drunk? Maybe no parents around isn't such a good idea after all... No moms, no dads, only children... Aint no parents allowed Boobs out, penis out, butt naked... Aint no parents allowed