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Boston, Usa (The Ducky Boys)

Boston, USA Here she comes now over the skyline I'm Home again, i'm feeling fine There's the River Charles and Kenmore Square I don't want to go anywhere There's another show, get in the van To another town to do it all over again I can't wait to get back Home To the city streets where I come from To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA It's 3 AM and I'm still not done I could walk these streets till i hit the dawn You don't know what you've got till it's gone I know this is where I belong It looks like it's still early, get some beer Let's catch the Green Line down to Kenmore Square Can you tell me where they put the Rat? To those memories i still look back To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA It was a summer night by the Mass Ave Bridge When i gave that girl a little kiss She said "I don't think i can see you no more" I said "If that's the case then I'll carry on Because the city streets are all there is for me" Friends come and go but these will always be I'll take the C-town, Cambridge, all the rest But i wont take no second best To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA