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Geordie (Tabor June)

There was a battle in the north And nobles there were many And they have killed Sir Charlie Hay And laid the blame on Geordie O he has written a long letter And sent it to his lady: You must come up to Edinburgh town To see what news of Geordieќ When first she looked the letter on She was both red and rosy She had not read a word but two When she grew pale as the lily Go fetch to me my good grey steed My men shall all go with me For I shall neither eat nor drink Till Edinburgh town shall see me Then she has mounted her good grey steed Her men they all went with her And she did neither eat nor drink Till Edinburgh town did see her And first appeared the fatal block And then the axe to head him And Geordie coming down the stair With bands of iron upon him Though he was chained in fetters strong Of iron and steel so heavy O not a one in all the court Was so fine a man as Geordie O she'd down on her bended knee I'm sure she's pale and weary O pardon, pardon noble kings, And give me back my dearie Go tell the heading man make hasteв Our king replies full lordly O noble king take all that's mine But give me back my Geordie The Gordons came and the Gordons ran And they were stark and steady And ay the word among them all Was Gordons keep you ready An aged lord at the king's right hand Says Noble kings, but hear me, Let her count out five thousand pounds And give her back her dearie Some gave her marks, some gave her crowns Some gave her dollars many She's counted out five thousand pounds And she's gotten again her dearie. She glanced blithe in her Geordie's face Say Dear I've bought thee Geordie; But the blood would have flowed upon the green Before I lost my laddie He clasped her by the middle small And he kissed her lips so rosy The fairest flower of women kind Is my sweet bonny lady