Please (TWiiNS)

Please baby no don´t leave me now I need you in my life We can work it out somehow Please baby no I don´t wanna let you go I can´t imagine loosing you So please baby no My days are always filled with sadness I don´t know what is going on I´m so confused let´s talk about this I don´t care who is right or wrong I know you wanna take your love away Leave this relationship behind You told me that I was the one for you So why the sudden change of mind You say loving me ain´t the same You say kissing me ain´t the same You say you and I lost the flame Just once more baby please say my name I ask myself almost everyday Why you´ve been with me all along Baby don´t let this love slip away Right here with me is where you belong What can I do to make you love me again I´ll do whatever you need Remember me is your perfect ten Baby don´t leave you make my heart bleed Tell me, tell me why did you brake my heart Tore my world apart You gotta something I need to know Tell me, tell me why did you let me go When you promised me your heart and soul