Slip Of The Tongue (TWiiNS)

Everybody at the party´s down with a groove I can see you checking out my every move On the floor you want more I´m intrigued what you seek to explore It´s getting hot and heavy I can baby feel the blaze My head is spinning as you´re reaching second base Guess how far can you get stay right there I´m out of breath need some air Back at the scene I was only gone a minute This is just mean Even I have got my limits In front of my eyes Dirty game you play Now that I have got your number what you gonna say O-o you said You didn´t mean it O-o I just can´t believe it O-o you kissed another one O-o yeah right Slip of the tongue Stop explaing I´m not waiting You can talk to my hand It was very entertaining But we reach the end Now get lost in the crowd Save your breath we never met cut it out