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Where Has My Country Gone? (Sane Justin)

I can hear the jackboots again Although I'm not in Nazi Germany And I'm not in Red China These are echos in my Home-Land They're every value un-American A spit in the face to the authors of the Constitution! These are ugly days, ugly times, ugly words From lies and disinformation ignorance is born Can you smell the hatred bring bred from fear? And dont you understand that when you give your rights away There is no freedom left to die for? Where has my country gone?!?! Can't see the similarities? Can't disern reality? 'Cause when you're awake you're still dreaming! Dreaming in the mall and in the shops of 5th Avenue In endless choices and fashion accessories Drowning euphoria in a sea of gluttony Delve in deep now - there drugs are legal Delve in deep now - these drugs they are even encouraged - advertised! Delve in deep now - no need to fear global corporations Delve in deep now - let the pain, blood, and tears of sweatshop workers lull you to sleep... Or you can look to the alternative - turn from the conservative The backward fascist-like prospects - that saves us by enslaving us! Strip our rights away - with no guaruntee of improved Homeland Security Who's gaining from these policies? The American people? Or those looking to abuse their authority?