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Youth Of The Modern World (Sane Justin)

you've been told all your life that, "you're the youth of a modern nation." but all you see in your eyes is a modern disaster! you spend your life slaving to get an education even though they say - that, "it won't be enough, to get you the job, to get you the home, to give you the life, that makes life worth living!" you're the youth of the modern world the future is yours, don't let the present cheat you you're the youth of the modern world the future starts now and it belongs to you! public servants of the community, talking about how much they care for the youth but with no vote you become only a photo-op to shoot by way of visits to your under-funded school, and the mall where they taught you how to consume never mind the curfew saying, "we don't trust you! we don't believe you!" when you're on the street, "no good" is what you're up to they say, they say, "the youth are angry!" they say, they say, "the youth are mad!" but they don't know about you or me no, they don't know about you or me no, they don't know about you, or me, or you, or him, or her, or you, or me...oh no... sometimes i feel so enraged, wondering if things will ever change? why the hell does everybody have to buy into the game? a society that lives to work, and a government that spends more money on bombs than schools no wonder the kids are always looking for something new... this is the computer age, this is the modern age, this is the age of sophistication yet there are so few out there among the high-tech geniuses that even have a clue what is important to the youth, or know what the youth can do! and what the youth can do is so unbelievable... so unforgettable... so incredible... and don't forget it! don't fucking forget it!