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This Is What I Dreamed (Pomeranz David)

In the cool of the evening When I was a boy I would gaze at the wide open skies And I'd dream of a someday When I'd be a man And live with a lady with lights in her eyes Well, I searched for that dream Till my heart nearly broke Till my hopes turned to hopeless and died Until just this morning when I suddenly woke Looked at you sleeping there and cried This is what I dreamed This is what I wished for Now all at once I see Everything I've ever wanted Is here with me Yes, this is what I dreamed Like a miracle unfolding Holding you near me Just like this Every moment, every kiss Is exactly how I pictured it would be I swear I must be dreamin' For this is what I dreamed, ooh And it's everywhere around us Every cloud in the sky Every breeze that blows by How could I've been so blind To this sweet bliss Yes this is what I dreamed And I just can't help but wonder If under those same magic skies You were closing your eyes And dreaming of this moment with me My life is wide awake now For this is what I dreamed ooh This is what I dreamed This is what I dreamed